• Dry Cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning Services

    Our dry cleaning services exist because not all garments can – or should - be cleaned in a traditional washer and dryer.

    Our dry cleaning process - How we work

    Our trained dry cleaners begin by inspecting all areas of each of your garments looking for special attention such as loose buttons, stains, or other areas that require special attention.

    We then place your garments through our gentle, environment-friendly process. Each garment is individually pressed, hand finished and inspected for quality. 

    We dry clean all types of clothing. Common items include suits, coats, scarves, ties, dresses, dress and sport shirts, skirts, blouses, wedding dresses, silk, wool, linen, and many other garments. We also clean handbags, purses, cases and other items. Feel free to contact us (281) 752-9928 for any questions.

  • Stain removal

    Our staff is professionally trained in proper methods for stain removal. We have special equipment and products that are specifically designed for each type of stain and fabric. We continually update our training to new developments procedures, equipment and products in the dry cleaning and fabric care industry.


  • How does dry cleaning work?

     Dry cleaning is a process that cleans your clothes using a liquid solvent instead of water. This helps preserve the quality of your clothes. Some garments require dry cleaning because of the following reasons:

    Color loss:

     Some colors or dyes found on garments can dissolve in water, causing them to run or fade. In our dry cleaning process, these dyes become colorfast – meaning that they will not run, nor fade.


    Certain materials are prone to shrinkage when washed in water. Our dry cleaning process prevents that.

    Loss of trims & other garments’ details:

    Many garments have very delicate and special details such as trims, embellishments, lace, crochet, etc. most of these are attached by an adhesive that often dissolves in water. Dry cleaning preserves the adhesive and keeps these trims and accents at their highest quality.


    Water can cause pleats to disappear. Dry cleaning is a safe method to keep your pleated garments looking as new.

  • Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning with Comet Cleaners: better for everyone (and your clothes, too)

    Eco Dry Clean

    We do NOT use PERC

    Typical dry cleaning techniques use perchloroethylene (PERC) to remove dirt and most stains.

    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a long list of effects and hazards that PERC has on the environment as well as people’s health.

    When items are dry cleaned using PERC, the process releases toxins into the air and the environment - in the form of waste. This means PERC poses as a threat to to the environment, your health and that of our staff.

    Other ways we help the environment and your garments.

    Your neighborhood Comet Cleaners uses environmentally-friendly products that are non-hazardous. The benefits don’t stop there. Our wet cleaning method (our regular laundry service) uses plant-based detergents that are entirely biodegradable. These less-abrasive solvents are also better for your clothes. We clean your clothes with much less trauma to the fabric and buttons.


  • Dry Cleaning Symbols

  • Dry Cleaning Symbol 1

    The Dry Cleaning symbol is a circle.

  • Dry Cleaning Sym 2

    For clothes that are dry clean only, the circle has a letter ā€˜Pā€™ inside it.

  • Dry Cleaning Sym 3

    Clothes that should be dry-cleaned under normal conditions have a letter ā€˜Fā€™ inside the circle

  • Dry Cleaning Sym 4

    A crossed-out circle means that you should not dry-clean the item