• Eco-Friendly

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Besides being fast, reliable and quality dry cleaners, we also love to do one more thing - Saving the Earth!

    In doing laundry, we separate colors - whites, reds, blues, yellows and multi-colors. But with every batch of clothes that go through our shop, we add a touch of Eco-Friendly Green in them.

    At Comet Cleaners, we contribute to helping save our environment with these eco-friendly ways:

    • When we give your clothes tender loving care, we only use Eco-Friendly solvents.
    • We recycle hangers.
    • We encourage our customers to help save the earth by going green too withreusable garment covers.
    • Bringing in your laundry? Put your dirty clothes in reusable garment bags that you can get from our shop.
    • Our garment covers are made from recycled biodegradable plastic.

    Saving the earth can be done in so many ways. When you become our customer, you get two benefits. Your clothes are given quality treatment and you also participate in Going Green.

    If you like to save the earth, come to our shop! You will be happy to know that we fully support this movement by being Eco-Friendly dry cleaners.